Dinner in the St.Martin's church

Petra Bleeker, executive Committee DEBRA the Netherlands

To finish off a wonderful day of this international congress we were expected to have a diner in the St.Martin's church at the marketplace in Groningen. The church was constructed in the year 1245, but the building of this church was preceded by a long history; which you could immediately experience when you entered this church.

If you, together with this emotion, take also into account be welcomed by organ sounds and the beautiful way in which the tables were set, than you can imagine what I meant. We first were offered a drink to give the opportunity to talk to each other about the congress. In general a feeling of togetherness and solidarity was dominant; language was no barrier during this informal part of the evening.


After being seated at the tables and listening to a word of welcome by Ank ten Siethoff, Chairman of DBRA the Netherlands; we could listen to Tom Haze. Tom himself has EB, unluckily he did not get through the qualifying rounds in the contest; "Holland got talent ", but we are convinced that Tom is a really talented singer and guitar player!

Diner was going on when the organ-player, Eeuwe Zijlstra, informed us by men as of an inspiring little lecture about his organ. The organ of this St Martin's church is the Rolls Royce amongst all the church-organs, it is a very large, really majestic and its sound is unapproachable! And especially our EB-kids had their lucky chance this evening: accompanied by the organ-player they could have a thorough look at this organ, en were allowed to use some organ-registers; a tremendous experience! And this was not the only surprise for the audience; because also national folk-songs were to be heard and recognized. For us a perfect ending of a successful congress-day!

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