Best Presentation Award

Marcel Jonkman

Those present listened to and looked with attention at the (Powerpoint) presentations of these 8 young scientists. But, as Marcel Jonkman already announced at the beginning of the morning-session, it was time to vote now for the best and most transparent presentation.
The voting turned out to be exciting; two of the scientists; Peter van den Akker, who held a witty lecture, and Satoru Shinkma, who made an impression with his personal statement, finished close together. But finally Peter was the winner!

Marcel Jonkman thanked the young people, and the public had reasons to thank Marcel Jonkman for this very useful initiative. It is very sensible to involve young scientists in an international meeting like this, including the condition that they had to bring their story in a clear way. And that is also a big challenge for the older generation….

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