Protein Therapy In Deb

Satoru Shinkuma, Sapporo

New treatments of EB can be divided in three alternatives;

  • Gene therapy
  • Cell-therapy
  • Protein-therapy

This last named therapy stimulates mutant cells by an injection with protein to manipulate themselves in healthy and productive cells. This therapy is promising to get successful; the therapy attacks only  those cells showing mutations.

This therapy is used also in the treatment of diabetes , but, as it seems now; the therapy can also be of great advantage in the treatment of DEB.
Protein plays an important part in the formation of the skin. In a lab in Sapporo a protein type Collagen VII is produced, and afterwards injected in mice  with mutations in the domain of this protein. These experiments, in 2009, were successful.


But there are still some problems:

  • The dosage of the exact amount  of this protein : exactly how much protein has to be injected? Of course this has to be different for young children comparing to grown-ups.
  • What will be the right frequency of the injections?

Saturo Shinkuma was in his search for treatment of EB immensely stimulated in his training to become an M.D by the fact that he himself was born with EB. Therefore he advised the audience, en specially the EB –youngsters among them, to gain confidence, and love and respect for  themselves, in spite of their skin problems. ' Enjoy life, as much as you can!'

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