Have every confidence in your own possibilities

Mattija Zmarek, Croatia

Every youngster, and of course also young people having EB, ask themselves the same questions about the meaning of their life;
What are my dreams to come true, what are the aims I want to fulfill in my own life?

Matija wanted to find his own answers to these questions, to find a real solution for the social-emotional problems EB causes. He thinks that you can look at EB as something that just belongs to him, is a part of him. And in this way he wants to be received and looked at by family and friends with an open heart and mind, without being too much reminded of his EB condition. There is much more to life than being constantly focused at and being aware of the deformities in the appearance of a people with EB.

It is very important for Mattija to struggle for independency; looking for your own choices, making your own decisions, facing challenges yourself. Mattija gives another valuable advice to people with a medical profession, parents and friends: Have more confidence in people with EB; have enough trust in the possibilities these people have, despite their condition.

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