Protein Therapy Development Program And Lotus Tissue Repair

Mark De Souza, PhD

There are currently no approved treatments to heal RDEB. But now Lotus Tissue Repair Inc. has announced the closing of a $26 million Series A financing led by Third Rock Ventures. Proceeds of the financing will be used to advance the company's proprietary recombinant collagen type VII (rC7) technology as the first and only protein replacement therapy in development for the treatment of RDEB, an orphan disease that causes devastating skin blisters, morbidity and early mortality.

Future applications of the company's technology include treatments for dermatologic conditions in which rC7 may play an important role in accelerating chronic wound healing, such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers and similar conditions. The company thinks in 2 to 5 years to have found a successful therapy for RDEB. The first experiments with human subjects, has been good: and showed also results on the long run. The scientists and founders of this company Dr. Mei Chen and Dr David Woodley, are the initiators of this new therapy; now known as Recombinant Collagen VII technology. (Rc7)


They both are experts in the application of Rc7 as a protein replacement therapy. In short and simplified: the mutated protein Collagen VII is replaced by a none-mutated type of collagen VII. Now Lotus Repair Tissue Inc. would love to have the cooperation of the members of DEBRA International. The company-researchers discovered that after a critical survey, the international registered number RDEB-patents were substantial more than was known; 1: 250.000 RDEB patients in the USA (3 to 4 times higher than was officially registered.)
(In Europe there seem to be 1: 1.3000.000 people with RDEB, according to Mark de Souza.)

If all members of DEBRA International choose to participate in a new and updated RDEB- registration, it will soon be clear what the costs are in treatments of RDEB-Patients. This information can help to motivate the development of expensive therapies from a financial perspective; a situation in which both parties will get the most optimal success. Mark de Souza asked the International DEBRA–members to give information to his company concerning the number of EB –patients, registered in their own country. He would like to have this information within 14 days.

All the members of DEBRA international were enthusiastic about this initiative and will be eagerly waiting for the results of this new therapy, developed with help of an enormous financial injection. They all hope that the research to a definitive cure for RDEB-patients will be successful.

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